7QTF: Those Crazy, Hazy Days of Summer


Joining Jennifer and the gang at Conversion Diary!


The Not Alone Series gals are gathering in Savannah, Georgia, TODAY! It’s like our own little Edel.
Prayers and blessings to you ladies!


I’d be going, but Mr. Sweet and I are flying to my home state for a cruise starting TOMORROW! Can’t wait! 😀


This travel is really crazy considering last weekend we were just in NYC visiting my friend and her new husband. My words to describe it: good, exhausting. fun, expensive. great walking workout, dirty (pro-tip: don’t wear open shoes, no matter how comfy).


Another crazy thing: my eldest niece, who is 10, is doing a time trial for the Junior Olympics today!  AAHHHHHHH! I could be the aunt of a Junior Olympian! Good crazy!


Did you hear about that Malaysia Airlines plane that got shot out of the sky??? NOT the kind of crazy I like.


The packing up for the move is going well. Also…best workout…ever. Especially when it’s a high of 90, 100% humidity, and no air conditioning.  Bad hazy.


Crazy: I have watched the first four seasons of Doctor Who. In about a week. Ummm…

See you next week—I’ve got posts scheduled for NFP week!



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