7QTF: NFP Week


*Disclaimer: I am away on a cruise and may not have access to update/edit this post or moderate comments. Please be charitable!*



Perfect post for this week when comparing NFP with artificial contraception. Catholic Sistas on why we DON’T use birth control.


A great resource on NFP! Plus blog graphs! IUseNFP.


Like graphics? 1flesh.org has more! Plus, it has stories from real women!


Like stories? The delightful Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas started a series called Women Speak on NFP. Check them out!


THIS sounds AWESOME!!!! Women’s Health Care that focuses on the body, not giving you drugs!


NFP doesn’t mean no kids ever. It’s just a tool to discern your family. It does mean kids. And babies are good things in marriage. Here’s a nice reflection on that one particular phrase of our Catholic marriage vows: http://worthyofagape.com/2014/06/09/accept-children/


Want a directory for doctors? Here’s a start: http://onemoresoul.com/


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