7QTF: Of Half-Brithdays, Goals, and My Not Ice-Bucket Challenge

7_quick_takes_sm1Linking up with Jennifer and the rest!


Today is my half-birthday! Now, I don’t actually celebrate this day as an adult, nor did my family when I was a kid. But I still find it pretty cool to think about how 30 years ago, I was alive in my mother’s womb, at about 12-15 weeks, fully formed, heart beating, brain growing. And Mr. Sweet was alive too! But in his mama’s arms.


Two years ago on this day, I made a #30till30 board on Pinterest. I decided to name 30 goals I wanted to achieve in the 30 months I had left until I turned 30 in March 2015. How am I doing? Six done, including goal #12, which I pessimistically did not think would happen. But it did. And is sitting on my finger. 🙂  I have 18 to go–many involving reading book series and writing habits. I will admit that there are 5 I will never reach. I’m actually ok with that. Over the past two years, I have realized that goals change, especially if based on relationships. Because relationships change. And people change, including myself. Naturally, what was important to me then may not be important to me now. And some are just not feasible–financially, logistically. But this is ok, too. Not meeting these dream goals (visiting someone in England is a big stretch unless you have the rare combination of high-paying job with generous vacation…) is not a failure. So I will not be disappointed if I can’t tag every goal as “Done!”. Because life is a project always in progress. Plus, there’s always 40 till 40! 😛


One of those goals is to sell through my print run of my novel. I can’t recall if this goal was formulated before or after the publish date got backed up 5 months or not. But I essentially had 15 months to get it done. Now I have 6. But at this point, I’d be happy to go into reprint, which is at least half. It’d be an amazing half-birthday present if you could help me reach this goal by clicking on this link: My book!


I’m also putting in some work. In two weeks-ish I will start my leg of Pauline Books and Media’s Back to School Blog Tour!


I am also a big supporter of Catholic literature. Wednesday I hosted author and friend Nicole Lataif. Check it and her books out!


 I do not have a bucket of ice. But I do have a paycheck again after two months without. The very first withdrawal is going to the Lenaburg family. They have a GoFundMe account to support the care for their daughter, Courtney. I first “met” Mary and Miss Courtney when I regularly linked to “What I Wore Sunday.”  Mary always had joyful comments for everyone. Courtney faces many medical challenges, and this season of her and her family’s life is the toughest. But through it all, Mary is there with grace and love. So I’m donating to their cause. Won’t you read their blog (her brother’s post is a real tear-jerker; you can’t not ugly cry when reading it) and consider making your Friday sacrifice for this family, who have sacrificed so much? And then please share however you can.


I also ask you to share because TODAY from 9 pm-10 pm EST, the Lenaburgs are devoting an hour of the 40-hour devotion to the blessed Mother in honor of the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Please pray for them tonight.


2 thoughts on “7QTF: Of Half-Brithdays, Goals, and My Not Ice-Bucket Challenge

  1. This weekend is my ‘half-birthday’ too … before the big 30! March Birthdays are the BEST! I didn’t make a 30 before 30 list, but when I turned 25 I was sad about not accomplishing much (which is ridiculous) in my life – so I made a 25 things to do in the next 25 years list…I’m actually getting quite far for being only 4.5 years into the list – the Lord keeps bringing things to me that I don’t in remember are on my list! Happy Half-Birthday! Celebrate with twice the excitement of a regular bday!

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