7QTF: Blog Tour

7_quick_takes_sm1Linking up with Jennifer and the rest!


I’m doing a blog tour for Pauline Books and Media! Look at the cute graphic:

blog tour main 800px


Stop 1: September 29. The lovely Lisa Hendey hosts me at catholicmom.com. I’ll be talking about the two truths and the big lie teens should know about love.


Stop 2: September 30. The wonderful Pete Socks at Catholic Book Blogger gives me some space to talk about bringing Love and Responsibility to a teen’s level.


Stop 3: October 1. The gracious Emily at EM’s Estuary will feature my thoughts on Pope Francis’s speech on the Ten Commandments and how they help us to love.


Stop 4: October 2. The incredible Nicole at Kids Faith Garden hosts my post on helping little girls grow up in the faith so they can become godly teens.


Stop 5: October 3. The dear Ruth Anne at Holloway Family North interviews me.


Stop 6: October 8. The sweet Sarah Reinhard at Snoring Scholar will feature my post on how my fiance and I hope to teach our children about love through the faith.

A big big thank you to Pauline Books and Media and all the amazing bloggers who are hosting me, Nicole Lataif, and Marilee Haynes. Hooray Catholic books!


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