7QTF: Resolutions for the Bride to Be


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Blog more: I have no real good excuse for the lack of updates or new pieces. But I miss writing so much. And Mr. Sweet misses reading it! Nearly all the advice columns and books for the engaged woman emphasize maintaining your own hobbies and participating in shared interests together as important for your married life.


Eat better: Today I am starting a 30-day eating plan (I refuse to call it a diet–losing weight is not the point): no processed/unnecessary sugar, no alcohol, no soda. I plan on forgiving myself for sneaky sugars, like those in a breakfast sandwich (for real, 8 grams in chicken and a flour-y biscuit?). How it relates to the upcoming wedding and marriage? Learning how to maintain my health, ease dependence on comfort foods will only increase energy, decrease ill effects, and prepare me for possible/eventual pregnancy. Plus, the healthier I feel, the happier I am, which will only sweeten the relationship with my future hubby.


Sleep better: The past few months have seen some terrible weeks, slumber-wise. I toss, I turn; my mind races at night, it aches in the morning. I not only nee. d to be refreshed and alert for my wedding day (not to mention better skin and reduced under-eye bags for the photos!), but for those  first months learning to live together. The more well-rested I am, the more patient, kind, and more all those other 1 Corinthians traits I am within my marriage.


Work better: Confession–the job I blogged about last summer, well, we didn’t settle into each other very well. I ended up taking two part-time gigs over the past few months (both dealing with books, at least). But these last 6 months (!) before my marriage, I resolve to get a different, more stable job using my talents–or failing that, writing commissions and more hours where I currently am. When Mr. Sweet and I eventually have children, full-time work outside the home may not be a priority, but right now, I see it as important to have a stable income, benefits, and the ability to save for a house.  Plus, enriching work makes me happy, and the happier I am, the happier life is for me and Mr. Sweet.


Write more: Second confession–I did not actually use all the free time I had this past Fall to work on my fiction and nonfiction. I am disappointed in myself, but trying to forgive myself as well. Whether or not it pays, my writing keeps me sane. Perhaps if I had spent a couple hours at night writing, I’d sleep better. Perhaps if I didn’t subscribe to this guilt-trip, I’d be less inclined to go to comfort stuffs like a glass of wine or extra cookies. Marriage to Mr. Sweet is my God-given vocation/path to Heaven; but writing is my God-given talent  and just as much a part of my identity as “wife” will be. If “writer” is one of the qualities that attracted Mr. Sweet to me, why would I stop being that person once we’re married? A second piece of common advice is to “marry the person your spouse is and hopes to become,” which to me is not a contradiction in terms. Rather, we know that certain aspects of ourselves won’t change, but also we aspire to grow in holiness and virtue as we get older. So I’d like for Mr. Sweet to marry the awesome writer girl he met and fell in love with, who will only get better with age.


Volunteer more: Another part of my identity (at least most prominent in middle and high school) was “volunteer.” I miss helping out and making the world a little bit better, one person or task at a time. I don’t have much money to donate, but until I have that job, definitely have the time. Caring for the young and the elderly, even in a limited capacity, will only stretch my heart with love. And I would think the boon to my upcoming marriage is fairly obvious. 🙂


Pray more: One “snaps for Britt” thing about this past Fall has been my spiritual growth. Without the spiritual writing of the publishing job to round out my faith life, I really had to learn how to develop my prayer life. Mr. Sweet and I pray almost every night–on the phone if we didn’t get together one night. And we’ve been going to confession about once a month since the move–a definite improvement. As the wedding day gets closer, I’m definitely resolving to add more prayer. Perhaps some adoration. Perhaps some journalling. Definitely some reading.

Merry Christmas, all, and may you have a Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “7QTF: Resolutions for the Bride to Be

  1. Yes, I have greatly missed reading your blogs, dear. I was so excited when I discovered you writing a new one! Keep it up! And keep your other writing up too because you’re right that it’s a God-given talent that I have loved from the start.

    Great resolutions…I’m with you on all of them! 🙂

    P.S. I couldn’t resist any longer the pull to come out of the shadows and leave my first comment. Hope you like it! 🙂

  2. You said you were doing a 30 day eating plan … Is that by chance a Whole30? I’m starting that on Monday and am excited, eager, and nervous about a month of serious food discipline! Much luck on it! And thanks for a kind shout out to the new 7QT design!

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