7QTF: What I Didn’t Do–Writer Edition


….joining everyone at This Ain’t the Lyceum!

Ladies, I need help. Here is what my week was not full of:


Finishing the picture book manuscript I have been tinkering with since the ToB Congress. You’d think the fear that some other writer would have something similar in development would get me cracking, but noooo…


Drafting more of a proposed teen fiction/non-fiction (it’ll make sense if ti ever gets published). It’s so, so needed, but gahhhh, second book syndrome is wicked awful to overcome. It’s like writer’s block, but ten times worse. Speaking of, I got TWO of these for Christmas:


My father and future brother-in-law are trying to say something…


Composing articles that have been on my heart for oh, over a year. What’s stymying me is very few publications will pay anything reasonable for them, so why bother? But then again, I do want credit line and perhaps if I get something regular, any little bit will help….


Submitting finished manuscripts to agents and editors. The children’s and teen publishing business is rough. Not everyone can get magic deals like the lovely, funnest-last-name-ever Maria Gianferrari. SO many awesome books coming out! Very happy for my former writing group leader. The reality is, my first submissions will be like hers…years and years and revisions and revisions, and very likely not all at once.


Writing (finally) one of two new YA novels (not for a Catholic press). Again, my brain just collapses when I think about how rough the teen bookselling business is. First you have to get your book carried by the major retailer (not automatic!), then you have to hope corporate/home office will put it on a special display (only indie stores can promo what they want where they want), AND you have to have killer marketing (in many cases of first-time or “quiet” or non-series big-5-published books, that means, you the author are the killer marketer) so that the book stays in the section beyond the three-ish months before it’s likely returned to vendor due to lack of sales and to make room for the next new things. I just need to hear it’s all worth it, no matter the industry.


Being a good blogger! I want to follow you all and comment. I apologize. And I want to tap out the posts I’ve been meaning to. Grr…


Market my book. We’re coming on the first anniversary of Gloria Jean’s release, and I highly doubt I made my goal of hitting reprint status—then again, it was a high initial print run. Oh, and it doesn’t encourage me to hear that the USCCB may be revisiting the whole Celiac-Eucharist issue! Of course, the book is about so, so much more.

Any tips on how to stay motivated, ladies? Ideas on how to lift myself out of this writing funk?


2 thoughts on “7QTF: What I Didn’t Do–Writer Edition

  1. Seems you have so much on your plate! I’m not a professional writer just a sharer of little glimpses of our life and my heart here and there on my blog, but when I’m feeling stumped it usually means I have to step away. Take more time to be with Jesus. The Blessed Sacrament or talking to a spiritual director to just let my mind find some peace instead of be filled with my to-dos. Prayers for you! And, seriously! So exciting to have so many opportunities! 🙂

    • That’s a great idea, Amanda! I do want to start incorporating adoration into my routine–especially as my hours at work get cut and cut. Thanks!

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