7QTF: Tips from a Catholic Book Lady


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I work for Chain Bookstore and a small-town library system. Some musings I have to get out there into the world:


If you go to the library, please make sure you are checking out more books and DVDs. Nothing makes me sadder than scanning a handful of picture books for a 3-year-old, but 15 or more DVDs. I know, I love me my TV too, and it was super-helpful when babysitting my sister’s rowdy little ones sometimes. But seriously. Try.


Ask your local bookstore to stock Catholic books. This tip usually works best if it’s done en force: all parish bookclub members or have someone call the community relations person/manager and say “Fr. mentioned X book in his homily and we want to say its available at your store,” and they’ll order a bunch. I know online options are cheaper, and you may prefer to support Catholic/Christian businesses, but many people still like going to actual stores, and some of the truly awesome books available are unheard of because they don’t have general public exposure.


If your pre-teen/tween loves his or her age-appropriate graphic novels, please please please keep an eye out on their reading material as they age out. Or if they love certain shows that have manga books affiliated, be careful when venturing to that section of the store. I just spent all last shift in the manga section, and there were quite a few covers I had to “hide” on the rack behind other covers. Manga is not just cartoons on a page. A lot of it over-sexualizes women (teen girls, even!) or draws on the macabre. Definitely start teaching them the principles of ToB as they grow up so they can recognize themselves which books are cool and which are not for themselves.


Reading aloud to one’s fiance or very serious boyfriend from a quality book on marriage and relationships is an excellent way to round out a lukewarm marriage prep experience. We have illuminating conversations after each chapter and treasure some of the practical exercises. Review on a the book Mr. Sweet and I use coming soon.


Read Housewifespice on Wednesdays! Thoughtful book reviews, and usually, a link up!


The Journey of Our Love should be on your Valentine’s Day wishlist. Saint Gianna Beretta and her husband Pietro Molla have a touching love story told through their letters to one another throughout their marriage.


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