7QTF: Shout Outs to the Ladies


Linking up with Kelly and the rest!


Of course I’ve dropped the writing ball again, but this time only for two weeks! Progress! Like a lot of fellow bloggers recently married or about to be married hi, (Joan, Amanda, and Ciska!) I’ve been thinking about my blog and what I want it to be. And I think I want to keep it as I originally intended: reflecting on women’s issues and spirituality in the context of my own growth as a woman striving by the principles of Proverbs 31. I should probably do a content calendar, like Beth Anne has done. I’ll still write on the single life or relationships,  because as only one month married, do not think I’m in a position to write anything with authority on that subject, but if I do, to do so more from the angle of my own lived experience.


Simcha Fisher is awesome. I don’t think there’s one thing she’s written that I’ve disliked or vehemently disagreed with. She gives me hope and an example of Awesome Catholic Lady. Her latest column for the National Catholic Register is no exception. On the topic of Netflix offering unlimited parental leave, she cheers the intention of the policy (if in her limited space is not able to delve into how such policies work) without once resorting to the mommy wars issue of women who work. And she takes a reasonable approach to breastfeeding, homeschooling or not, NFP, and women who drink. If you’re looking for funny, quality writing, and a well, real world approach to modern issues and life as a traditional Catholic, she’s your gal. Just have to give her that shout-out because she says what I want to say, just so much better. Go read her!


Shout out To Target and Barnes and Noble, which allows women to breastfeed however they choose. We will not interfere with your practice, not even if another customer complains. You go ahead and feed your baby!


Kathleen Eaton is awesome. She’s the founder of Obria Clinics, which sound amazing and a great service for women.


To my sister-in-law, who’s due any day with her first child! He’s the first grandbaby for my husband’s family, so we’re all really, really excited.


To my niece, who placed first in four events and fourth in one at the National USLA Lifeguard Association (Junior) Competition. One week after dropping time in her events at the Junior Olympics qualifier. She’s only 11. So proud to be her aunt!


The ladies at Blessed is She. I recently joined the Facebook group, and it’s so lovely and refreshing to have their posts on my Feed.



2 thoughts on “7QTF: Shout Outs to the Ladies

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I am a work in progress. Formal blog planners overwhelm me I like the one I created because it’s just lists of posts I’d like to write with no deadlines.

    • My pleasure, Beth Anne! I have that kind of planner, but in my head. Maybe if I make a concrete one (I love a good Excel spreadsheet), the writing itself will be concrete, too, and not just in my head! :p

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