7QTF: Life Recap Edition


Linking up with Kelly and the rest!

So I disappeared. Again. But big, big stuff is happening, so hopefully any regular readers can forgive me. And to any new readers, welcome! Here’s what’s been happening.


You know that advice, “Don’t quit your day job”? I totally did. It was also a night job, a mandatory Saturday shift job, a job that didn’t really make sense for my life anymore. With the biggest thank you ever to my dear husband, PJ, I had the privilege to leave it (on good terms with my boss). I plan on spending my time writing, submitting, hopefully getting paid. I’m not fully into the freelance world, but taking it gently on myself because…


We went to the World Meeting of Families AND the papal events in Philadelphia last week! It was incredible, inspiring, tiring, and just…tremendous. We saw the pope twenty feet from us! We were caught on camera on CNN during a pan sweep of the crowd at the Festival! We were briefly interviewed by KYW, the local CBS/CW news affiliate. What I should have  said to the reporter was that this experience was a great way to start our marriage. Here are some pictures:




Next week I will have a series of reflections on our visit: Themes include Encounter, Solidarity, Sight, Witness, and Waiting. After those, I will, in some way, reflect on the talks from the WMOF.


I’ve been reading, reading, reading “comp” titles ahead of starting a new novel I’ve been thinking about for, oh, forever. Unfortunately, none of the books are close comparisons, which is either AWESOME because I have a unique idea never done before (and editors appreciate originality in the truly glutted market of trendy tropes) or AWFUL because the concept is just unworkable, weird, or uninteresting. In a few months we shall see once I’m ready to submit.


I’ve started the Symbolon course being offered at our parish. The videos are very well produced, engaging, and workbook questions just the right amount. Even though some of the material is familiar to me, I do learn something new. AND, best of all, I’m starting to find some community.


Community is something that’s harder to come by, though. I feel I’m in a weird spot right now–it’s harder to connect with some women socially because the opportunities I was used to were primarily available because we were all single/dating; and now it just so happens that the young wives I do meet all have a baby or young children, so it’s just harder to connect on  a big, this-huge-thread-ties-us-together kind of level. But luckily I have Symbolon, a writer friend from ExJob, a young Catholic mom colleague at my library job, and these young couple potlucks offered at our parish. I’ve also joined Blessed Is She, but right now haven’t found anyone within a reasonable (<30 minutes) driving distance. If you’re in central CT or SW MA, holler!


But it’s fun being a new wife. I’m busy setting up the condo we now share, finally making some necessary post-wedding returns, decorating (my favorite!), cooking some new (but very simple) recipes from the elventy-seven cookbooks we now seem to have, and trying not to make a full-time job out of experimenting with Pinterest. Balance is our watchword, making sure we carve out times for both writing thank yous (we’re going to make the Miss Manners 3-month mark, I swear!) and having date nights/days.

Have a blessed week everyone!


2 thoughts on “7QTF: Life Recap Edition

  1. You got a much clearer view of the Pope than I managed! You must have been camped out all day at that spot! Despite the craziness, it was a great experience. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the talks.

    • We were! Saturday was a very long day, but so, so worth it. Especially given what happened Sunday. But more on that later! Thanks for reading!

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