7QTF: Tidbits from Life as a Writer + Giveaway!


Linking up with everyone!


It’s been about a month since PJ and I got back from our trip to Philadelphia and I’ve been part-time housewife writer. It’s still hard for me to be upfront about the reality of the situation–that yes, in addition to drafting and submitting articles (some that may not even pay) or working on book projects, stuff I consider work, I am also happily emptying out the last of my boxes from my move in, putting up Fall decorations, and creating a spread for when we hosted our condo association meeting.


The spiced cider was in a crockpot in the kitchen.


My publisher had a book sale at my parish, so I got my own little signing table for my teen novel, and we sold 14 copies last weekend! Though the book has been out nearly two years, I love it and think it could perennially have something for teen girls. Please do check out my site‘s new look. Now that I’ve been graced with time, I will definitely be updating more.



I. LOVE. SCRIVENER. Best writing software. I’m not a pro, so I still don’t use the functions as deftly as I could, but I spent yesterday morning plotting out my next two novel projects. It was glorious.


View from my “office.”


This will be my life in two days:


Anyone else taking the challenge? I’m actually going to try to do TWO books: Project A on odd days and Project B on even days. About 3500 words a day needed. Prayers, please!


In ordinary circumstances, I’d be thrilled to add fellow NaNoWriMoers as friends on the site, but the biggest decision I’m making as a writer is my name. I’ve decided for projects going to trade/secular publishers, I’m not going to use Britt Leigh, but a pen name. And my  NaNoWriMo username is a play on this name, which is from my real name, and because I’d like to keep this blog as heavy-identifying-details as possible, well…

Anyone else have A Thing with names? I still haven’t switched my personal email because my name is now so common, I have to add like 5 numbers or write it out weird that will make it hard for people to remember (gah! They missed the period. gah! two skinny consonants next two each other). Or could someone who’s worked in HR assure me that an email of janedoe35729@emailsite.com won’t be too weird? And of course, wanting my email to match a site I need to set up for my other writing. Well. Gah!


Discovered this site writelikerowling.com the other day, and fellow writers I hope you find it amazing, or at the very least useful, like I did.


For this season of life (which could very well be temporary!), I am beyond blessed to have the support of my sweet husband, PJ. It is of course not without its sacrifices, and this week we made the biggest of all. We cut the cable. Our bill is now almost $100 less, and it is freeing and terrifying and refreshing so, so quiet in this house. Until I turn on the Songza. Best music streaming app ever. And no audio commercials…EVEN ON THE FREE ACCOUNTS.


I have two sets of prizes, and many ways to get entries to win.

For the soon-to-be or already-engaged couples, the “Bridal Bundle.” Bridal Bargains was a great, compact resource when making so many decisions during wedding planning. The Knot Guide for the Groom is a fun little guide with mainly practical tips that helps a guy feel invested and informed (it’s his wedding, too!), and not too much stereotyping. For a Catholic wedding guide, everyone gets the recommendation to check out Stephanie Calis’s Invited.


And for all the single ladies out there, I have three books for ya: The Closet’s All Mine: From a Seraphic Single by Dorothy Dummings (McLean), How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul: 21 Secrets for Women by Jason and Crystalina Evert, and The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide to the Single Years by Emily Stimpson.


To get one of these fine books, you can

  • Comment which bundle you’d like = 1 entry
  • Friend me on Facebook (just message me, too, that this is from the blog) = 2 entries
  • Share this giveaway blog post on social media = 3 entries per unique social media forum share
  • Share another blog post from me on social media = 5 entries per unique social media forum share per post
  • Write a review of my novel for teens, Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean, and send me the link = 7 entries
  • Write a review of the novel and share it with others = 10 entries, plus one extra for each social media venue you share it with

Giveaway runs through Friday, November 6 at 5 pm EST. On Wednesday, November 11, I’ll announce the winner. Good luck!


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