What We’re Reading Wednesday


Check out this book!

A brand new series from debut author, Lisa Mayer, The Aletheian Journeys is a wonderful contemporary Christian allegory in the style of The Chronicles of Narnia. The first novel, The Arrow Bringer, is an exciting adventure that blends fantasy and faith.

Evangeline, Evie to her family, is your typical high school girl…until she receives a terrible burden, revealed in the powerfully emotional opening chapter. She’s probably going to die. Soon after the awful prognosis, she enters into the world of her childhood dreams–but this world, Aletheia, is real. And what’s more–it’s hers. She’s pulled into her birthland facing its own crisis moment: her father, the king, wants to destroy the arrow, which the Arrow Bringer has given them for its protection. The Arrow Bringer is calling Evie to come to Aletheia to save it–she’s their hope. But to do so, Evie will have to leave her earthly family immediately, instead of spending her last precious months with them. Her choice and the subsequent choices she later makes leave the fate of Aletheia and her conscience in her hands.

The fast-paced, ever-changing plot is more than just a well-described, action-packed fantasy with dramatic stakes–it’s a meaningful allegory that deftly presents themes of honor, forgiveness, and sacrifice. Many scenes are inspired and informed by passages in the Scriptures. The renderings fit naturally within the narrative–it’s Evie’s story and journey all the way, but with special significance. As Joseph Pearce writes in his recent post on The Fellowship of the King: “magic must have a meaning, and meaning must have some one to mean it.” And The Arrow Bringer is full of magic, meaning, and well drawn, admirable but real characters to bring the meaning to life. Fans of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein will enjoy this book.

Click on the link with the cover to learn more about the book, the author, and how to purchase your own copy.

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Lisa is a fellow member of the Catholic Books for Teens Facebook group and kindly sent me a complimentary copy for a review. As you see form above, I was very happy to promote such a worthy book!

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