NAS: Reading List Recommendations


We all enjoy new reading material and this year a reading goal just may be on your list of goals.  What book genre(s)do you like the most?  Do you borrow books from your local library, purchase them for current and future reading, or do you read e-books?  What are some books that you loved reading and that you would recommend? 

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I love this topic! As a former book editorial assistant, bookseller, and now a library assistant, books and reading are my favorite!

Fave Genres: YA/Teen, Middle Grade (think ages 9-12), really special picture books, and now quality nonfiction–the kind that takes an interesting topic and adds some pathos and bathos

Fave Places to Get: The library. It’s just so easy to wander around before my shift and grab what’s interesting. Or snatch a cool-looking return for myself. While I love a good bookstore as any good reader does, I much prefer the FREE! and nearly immediate access to what I want to read (maybe some “bestsellers” or brand new stuff isn’t so quick), as well as the ability to uncover older gems. Barnes and Noble can be great with their discounts, coffee, and breadth of new stuff, but their backlist, especially in nonfiction, can be very thin.

Fave Places for Recommendations: Friends, Hypable,’s books e-newsletter, articles about the general topic that mention a book (how I found out about Always Hungry — see below). I do need to get more into Goodreads, especially seeing as I have a GIVEAWAY listed! See the end of this post for deets!

Fave Way to Read and “Read”: When it comes to physical book or e-book, I take the hard copy every time. Even though I’ve now got f.lux on my computer and Twilight on my phone, I’m still on the devices too much to also want to read for hours at a time on them. Something about the feel of the weight of the book, the drama of the page turn, the fact that I will never need technical support, well books can’t be beat. And now that I’m driving and not on public transit, and flying is my “magazine” time, it’s not like I’d use an e-reader  enough. Speaking of driving, a new library job has me on the road for 66 minutes four times a week, so I’ve gotten really into audiobooks. They’re my new favorite way to “read.”

Once my mom and I went to a major city 3.5 hours away for some major shopping, so I picked out a James Patterson novel for us to listen to. Fiction can be really hard for the driver, especially if it’s suspenseful. Plus, short drives with long chapters would be frustrating! I’d be late heading into work because I wouldn’t want to kill the ignition mid-sentence–or drain the battery by hearing it out! So I really like nonfiction for my drives.

Fave Listens: I went on a comedienne kick first. Reviews coming tomorrow!

Fave To-Read: 


Billed as “Friday Night Lights” meets “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” this mash-up is one I can’t miss.


Why, yes I am! I think it has to do with my legit sugar addiction. And not so much about dieting or weight loss but getting my pants to fit again.

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2 thoughts on “NAS: Reading List Recommendations

  1. I have literally never heard of the word “bathos” before. Thank you for the vocab moment!

    I agree that you have to be careful what you listen to while driving. I tried turning to a comedy station on satellite radio once. I started laughing so hard at Brian Regan that I started crying. Not good for driving!

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