An Open Book: Reviews! Comedienne Edition


Author Carolyn Astfalk is reviving a book review link-up starting next week! I’m going to get the ball rolling now and offer some reviews.

To entertain myself on the longish commute to and from my new job, I got into audiobooks. Preferring something light and not cliffhanger-y, I started with the well-reviewed memoirs of some funny ladies. I greatly enjoy these comediennes in their television work, so I was excited to hear what else they had to say. Although, note I am only about 70% through Yes Please.

The easiest way to review them is to first rank them:

  1. Yes Please
  2. Why Not Me?
  3. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
  4. Bossypants

Yes Please is my top favorite so far–it blends humor, Amy Poehler’s life story, and great messages about writing, work ethic, and life in general. I was practically cheering aloud in my car with her words on women and how sometimes we can eat each other alive. Her mantra–“Good fr you, not for me.” And whenever I have children, her hilarious essay outlining her birth plan will be typed up, printed out, and handed over to anyone who any ask annoying questions.

Mindy Kaling’s two books were very close in my estimation. Why Not Me?, her later book takes the edge based on just a few essays standing out more so than in her first book. The highlight of all her writing was her essay on relationships, magazine advice columns, and her desire for the type of love I think we all search for–viewing romance, commitment, and children as good things, is a sentiment I can get behind. Also, her commentary on body image and how the media perceives women is great.

Now, just because I ranked Tina Fey’s book lowest does not mean I did not enjoy it. Quite far form it–it was amusing, and I loved how the audiobook format allowed me to hear some of her infamous sketches from Saturday Night Live.  My biggest critique is that sometimes Fey dropped her voice to a whispering mumble, so I missed the punch line. And one of the CDs was so cruddy, I had to skip an entire section. Perhaps reading the actual book may give me more reasons to appreciate it, but I’m not sure it convinced it would change the ranking. Most of her book followed the story of her life and career, with some good insights, but not as good as connection between her story and greater takeaways for life for the reader/listener.

While I’m sure I would enjoy these books reading them, I do admit some bias toward a favorable review because I got to listen to the authors read their own words aloud. Given that they are performers by trade, their inflections, inclusion of bits from their shows, and special appearances by their also-funny friends and colleagues, the experience of the book was heightened. I definitely recommend audiobooks–available for free at your local library, often least requested than actual print or e-books!

*Catholic codicil: The ladies above are witty, but hold positions contrary to Catholic teaching. Some individual lines and an essay in Poehler’s book made me squirmy, but on the whole, these memoirs capture the fun of life, the merits of hard work, and a appreciation and love for their children.

Also, don’t forget that on Tuesday, March 1, I’ll be hosting the Not Alone Series. We’re looking at Peace–What brings you peace in your single life? (hobbies, reading, crafting, etc.).

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2 thoughts on “An Open Book: Reviews! Comedienne Edition

  1. I’d love to listen to more audiobooks! I check them out of the digital library if I’m anticipating a long trip. At home, the kids create so much background noise that they are hard to enjoy. I’m interested in checking out the Amy Poehler book though. I came to “Parks and Recreation” after the series ended, but I loved the humor. Looking forward to you linking up!

    • Thanks for reading! So I finished Amy’s book. She’s of course different from her character, and one chapter toward the end was disappointing. But on the whole, I enjoyed it. The hard part of audiobooks is not knowing if you should skip over a section until you get there. 🙂

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