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An excellent analysis on parenting and the working world. I found myself hitting the steering wheel saying out loud “You’re dang right!” about a lot of Slaughter’s insights into how the working world treats parents, especially mothers, as well as prescriptions for possible policies that could make raising and supporting a family–including caring for adults like a sick sibling or aging parent–easier. A few lines here and there are not in accord with Catholic teaching, but overall a pro-family sentiment without turning it into a “mommy war” issue.



I can’t speak to his television show, but this book, read by the author–natch–is hilarious. Great observations about raising a gaggle of children. I found myself thinking that his and my parenting sensibilities are very simpatico. Important note: if you’ve seen almost all of his comedy bits, you’ve probably heard some of the jokes before.



I’ve got GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Most of the recommendations you can find from reputable articles online. But to be honest, I only found myself taking down a couple of dessert recipes. You have to like or enjoy the foods recommended. And since GERD can be specific to you–for example, fresh apples are touted as great for GERD; they made me throw up shortly after–a grocery trip can get expensive if you have to do process of elimination.  What I really wanted was “Here’s how you can have your favorites (tomatoes, coffee, alcohol, seasonings, etc.) without wanting to die or becoming reliant on medication–that you can’t be on long-term. Since that’s a pipe dream (short of possible relief from surgery), the best tip this book had was to just limit the food aggravators, like putting chicken stock in a marinara.

Pro-tip: Always, always check out cookbooks from your local library. So long as the recipe you transcribe, copy, snap a picture of is for your personal use and not printed anywhere public or used to earn you money, totally ok.



An excellent resource for women. While not every topic will apply to you, the section on nutrition, helpful charts, and Q&As are very helpful. My favorite part: no guilt. Some nutrition resources essentially tell you to eat like you’re trying to lose weight–exercise 30 minutes everyday! sub Greek yogurt for ice cream! (as if they’re the same) don’t you know how bad cheesy bacon tater tot pie is? how dare you! This one gently points out the foods to nab and sub, but also says it’s realistic–and okay!–to indulge. I believe it’s the 80-20 rule–aim for at least 80% of your intake being good and healthy. Which is super nice to hear when you actually need to gain weight…



THIS BOOK WAS NOT WRITTEN BY A DOCTOR AND IS NOT MEANT TO SUPPLANT HIS/HER ADVICE. But it is awesome. What it is: an analysis by a qualified economist (who has studied how to read studies and stats) of all the (sometimes!) competing research into pregnancy and recommendations for women. I don’t have a subscription to all the medical journals’ archives, and nor does my library–plus I don’t have the time or know-how to look up the basis for certain things. I like asking “why,”and Oster goes into the multiple studies surrounding an issue and parses them out. And explains how correlation is not causation, how studies were conducted and how that affects results, and provides information for you to make your own decision. For example, she read the research and decided against an epidural, but her friend read the same info and made a different decision. Basically, if you want to know if coffee or a leetle bit of wine is okay and when, you can bring up the data with your doctor and get their input based on you.


And in case you couldn’t figure it out from my reading/listening selections, our little turkey’s already in the oven for Thanksgiving.



I’m extending the giveaway for 5 signed copies of my novel Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean (Catholic Writers’ Guild Seal of Approval) for one more week. Enter below!

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  1. I look forward to adding some of these books to my summer reading list. Thanks for sharing your reviews.

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