My Sunday Best and Prize Winners!

Linking up with Rosie and the rest!


Well, hello! Long time no blog. Ugh, I feel terrible about it–no real good excuse. Anywho, let’s get to today.


Praise be the churches that have central A/C. The neckline, while not immodest for a lunch out with the girls, is not really appropriate for Mass. So, a sweater! I love how light and breezy everything about this outfit is. Though my tiny bump is barely discernible (see me at 10 pm after a large meal in a clingy fabric–definitely a baby in there), I’m into about 92% maternity clothes. Just. So. Comfy.

I recall one of these type of link-ups, or one poster, at least, trying to focus on something spiritual, too. I have just enough and energy and promise of commitment to pick the best line of Mass.

Best Line:  “Come, eat This Bread from heaven/Thy peace and strength regain.” –From the hymn O Sacrament  Most Holy, sung at Eucharist.

ALSO! Last month I ran a contest for my novel, and I think there are some winners who entered via a link on a similar such post and never claimed their prize. Would CAITLIN E. and DEANNA T. please please email me at Or check your spam/social folders? My publisher would like to send you the signed copy! If you prefer, I can get you the publicist’s official contact info, and she’ll get it to you.


3 thoughts on “My Sunday Best and Prize Winners!

  1. Love that dress! The detail around the neckline is so pretty 🙂 And congratulations on your baby! I always have a huuuuge difference in bump size between morning and evening – cheeseburgers definitely help accentuate things!

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