My Sunday Best


Linking up with Rosie and the rest!

As much as I wished I could keep up with blogging during nap time/slowly typing one handed while feeding…that’s just not our life right now. So, six weeks later, here we are!


I’m in a sweater from INC, I think, and black pants from New York and Company. They fit like they did pre-Aslan, which is to say, I needed a belly band form Target. But since I have slight abdominal muscle separation, I’m not to do crunches. Oh well.

Aslan is in a “Christmas” outfit from Koala Kids. He did wear it for Christmas Mass, and it was HUGE on him at 9 lbs.  The newborn dress shirt was stretching across his linebacker chest too much, so that’s going in the storage bin after a wash. But he’s still swimming in the pants! Baby clothes sizing is ridiculous.

Of course I have things to say about things in the world, but for now, just going to sign off until the next quiet time.

7 thoughts on “My Sunday Best

  1. Oh! Aslan is absolutely adorable! And, how awesome that you are back to only needing a belly band over pants, without being able to work your abdominals. Hopefully they will repair themselves on their own, without needing any surgery!

  2. Baby sizing IS so weird! Especially the little sets that they sell together – the pants are always totally enormous until they’ve just about outgrown them…

  3. He looks adorable, and you are lovely as well. Maybe the clothes sizing thing is just hitting him unusually early? I have very long legs, so I have to buy pants that have long inseams but regular waists. I also have long arms, but women’s sleeves don’t come in options like that, so I just roll up my sleeves a lot.

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