My Sunday Best


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Oh the joys of cellphone photography!

On me: A BRAND. NEW. DRESS. As in off the rack from a department store (Macy’s), and I’m the first to love it. 😀 I’m really super excited about this Betsy Johnson floral number found on deep deep clearance–like so low, I could also buy a pair of clearance pants and spend exactly my $50 birthday gift card. I’m excited, could you tell? Had Aslan not napped until 15 minutes before the opening hymn (it was such a weird awake/nap morning), I would’ve thrown on a pink belt to balance the torso. But oh well. Shoes are chocolate brown Mary Jane style pumps by Steve Madden found at DSW or something like that ages ago. You can’t tell from the photos, but they’re a full on Monet–pretty from far away, but up close a big ole mess. Probably time for a new pair of shoes.

On Aslan: White tee and gray overalls with a darker gray fish pattern. I’d love to try to remember the brand, as they’re the closest size match to his actual age (size 6-9 months, he’s 8). My chunky monkey’s getting to be a 12 months in nearly every other brand.

I’m sure there’s something that could be said about this week’s Psalm (“Lord, I love your commandments“) and NFP, but I won’t go there. I think an inherent flaw of NFP Awareness Week is that there’s just so.much.writing and feelings that come out thanks to all those words, that maybe we’re losing our effectiveness of preaching this particular aspect of the Gospel. So, instead, I’ll be contemplating this line we heard today from Matthew: “‘Then every scribe who has been instructed in the kingdom of heaven
is like the head of a household who brings from his storeroom both the new and the old.”‘

I’m a scribe! What’s new and old that I can bring out for you all?



9 thoughts on “My Sunday Best

  1. LOVE that dress! What an awesome clearance find! And yes, I’ve been a little overwhelmed by all the NFP writing this week… I kept my hat out of the ring because I didn’t want to add to the noise! Gotta space it is a little 😉

  2. Such a cute dress and it looks nursing friendly too! Double win! NFP awareness week overwhelms me too! I kind of get sick of it all and how much so many Catholic bloggers talk about it. I get that we need to raise awareness, but it really is a private matter between a husband, wife, and God.

    • Hadn’t had a chance to try it out, but I think it would be! I agree with you, and because that triad of married couple and God can have such different experiences and discussions, it’s so hard to be general.

  3. Super cute outfits on everyone! And, like you, I stayed away from the NFP discussions – particularly because I didn’t feel I had anything to add except, “Yeah, what she wrote… and, what she wrote, too…!”

    I am also one who wears shoes probably longer than I should, and enjoyed reading how deeply discounted the super-cute dress was…. high-five for being a savvy shopper!

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