What I Wore Sunday: Mom Hair Edition

So, I had my baby.  Sorrynotsorry for neglecting to write a post. More details to come. But we did make it to Mass at about 10 days old. Because this blog is public, little dude is getting a social media name. Meet Aslan! 

I’m in an old Old Navy sweater a week too soon for Gaudete Sunday and some gray maternity pants. I might fit into my pre-baby clothes, but I haven’t had time to unearth them from the bin. Aslann was in a cute coordinating outfit with a fox face on the butt. But it was cold, so he was in a little fleece suit with bears on it. 

And we have a bulletin for proof!

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I did the thing. I wrote two novels at least 50,ooo words each, in the month of November. And I did it. Two novels, The Graced, and The Dream Maker, poured out of me. And now they await some serious editing. But they’re there. And done. I’m so very tired. Happy, but exhausted.



These are the Christmas bins that lined the living room Sunday afternoon as we rooted around for the Advent wreath. Of course, it was in the last bin we pulled out of the basement. And below is a sampling of what I got done Wednesday, my first day I had not full-time writing or Christmas shopping.




Above is the Christmas box of shame. Not pictured is the cannister of candied popcorn and box of brandy beans I hope someone in Boston is getting me ahead of our excursion there next week. Fun fact: Connecticut Trader Joe’s stores cannot carry their infamous two buck chuck, nor any other alcohol products, save beer. So far we’re done a half of the mint stars and a quarter the dark chocolate stars.


Oh yes, the Christmas shopping. The list has doubled since my single days, what with a whole other family to buy for. And I love buying presents for loved ones; just get easily frustrated when I can’t think of what to get them. So far, we’ve tackled a fair bit, and I think the best was getting lost in the Target baby aisles for our newest nephew, just three months old. He’s giggling now, and baby giggles are the best giggles.


That reminds me: I don’t mind sharing (if any of you were curious), that current status is not pregnant. Auntie Seraphic/Edinburgh Housewife has a points game for single girls at the holidays. I’d like to create a married-no-pregnancy-or-kids (MNPOK) points game, creating a tally for every time I get asked about our family planning. Any takers on how high we get by January 3? But so far, a total of 0 since the wedding, including Thanksgiving! So that was nice.

If the above seems weird, I humbly refer you to this post in the “Just Don’t Say It” series by Amanda at Worthy of Agape.


Did you all check out my Verily article? My freelancing got stalled thanks to NaNoWriMo, but in the coming weeks, I hope to put out feelers for trying to get more pieces–especially pieces that pay. But mostly that looks like brainstorming topics I could reasonably write about to sustain a regular gig I’m considering.


A couple weeks ago, I had an interview for another part-time job. Did not get it, but I was one of the finalists. I’m all right with that, as just yesterday, I found a listing for another one that pays more per hour! Wish me luck!