7QTF: Oops

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Skipped last week. A head cold wiped me out, and I didn’t really feel inspired last Thursday on my sick day in the snow. And then got into work too late Friday morning to post something before clocking in. And then a Valentine’s Day and crazy weekend with the parents. And more snow. So oh well.


Seriously with the snow. It’s like God saying: “Ha ha! You wanted a car, so I will do nothing to keep the scores of inches of white slippery dangerous stuff away from your driving.”

But this week I put my big-girl boots on and came to work and stayed late to avoid traffic during the latest annoyance and was fine.


And yet I still find it pretty and magical and can’t wait to go sledding.


Love this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/25/fashion/sometimes-its-not-you-or-the-math-modern-love.html?pagewanted=all&_r=2&

Love is two persons connecting and making choices together about what matters or not; primarily about each other as a person and the character; not about hair or clothes or self-actualization. And sometimes finding love is a matter of the rest of the world being ready and right for you  (timing, behavior, choices).


I think I’m going to do Jen’s 7-day blogging link-up! I need to get writing again and get to all those posts I promised.


Special Intention: For Catholic writers. This is not shameless self-promotion. Dorothy Cummings Maclean (aka Auntie Seraphic), author of the soon-to-be-reviewed Ceremony of Innocence, points out here how much those witnessing to the faith through words have to do themselves. http://seraphicsinglescummings.blogspot.com/2014/02/author-as-sales-help.html

Please make it a Friday sacrifice and buy a Catholic book from the publisher directly. They need help too.  Speaking of, did you hear about Verily? They’re ending their print edition! Because of lack of funds! 😦


My mailbox already misses you.



Update 1 pm: YOU CAN GET A FREE COPY! AND OTHER GREAT CATHOLIC BOOKS! http://catholicmom.com/2014/02/20/last-call-win-a-set-of-3-books-from-pauline/

Here’s a great review from a  teacher (pardon the name):    http://kickassbookreviews.blogspot.com/2014/02/nothing-like-catholic-ya-novel-to-make.html

Hey all you giveaway winners: don’t forget to read and write a review for Amazon! And if any other readers have met Gloria Jean, you’re welcome to do so as well!


7QTF: Love and Responsibility Edition



Announcement! After an amazing writing conference last weekend and growth in the feeling-more-brave department, I have decided to link two of my identities! Blogger-me is the same person as Writer-me, who is the same person as Worker-Me (but she is remaining anonymous in the grand tradition of others in her field). So…the Proverbial Girlfriend is none other than Britt Leigh, a soon-to-be debut author!


This is my website: brittleighbooks.com. I blog about books and writing and reading. Authentic love is one of the major themes I explore with my fiction. Be sure to check out the blogroll link to kidsfaithgarden.com


This is my book:


Click me for the Amazon listing! It doesn’t release until January, but I will let you know when pre-orders are possible.

A teaser: Love is patient. Gloria Jean is not. Love is kind. Celiac is not. Love never fails. Faith might.”


Worker-me got to spend several hours reading about Love and Responsibility. You know how some people are cheerleaders for ToB? That is me and L&R. I am so in love with this philosophy, I want to name future children Karol and John Paul.


So now Writer-me wants to make the themes in L&R accessible to middle-schoolers. A chastity educator friend of mine has bemoaned that after several presentations, she thinks we’re too late. But I refuse to leave them out in the darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth! So if you all have any ideas on what type/format of book 13-16 year-olds would pick up about the subject, please let me know!


I am firmly convinced that such national news stories as the women in Cleveland (and by extension all abductions) and the Air Force’s S*xual Assault Prevention and Response Office CHIEF being accused of s*xual battery (I mean, COME ON!) would never happen if people were formed in the principles of L&R (namely, the dignity of the human person, justice to the creator, chastity…)


My most favorite blogger, a former Serpahic Single, wrote about chastity talks, and after reading what she and the commenters have to say…I agree. I do not ❤ chastity talks if they are indeed performed as described. There’s gotta be a better way.


That being said…chastity talks and study of L&R…are winning out. Moms, this is really important. As uncomfortable as your kids might get, continue to form them in these ideals. For one day they will be 28ish and ever so thankful (no matter how painful/frustrating/exasperating it feels) that the charity definition of love is clouding their judgement, and not the eros. Tell them to find people who know to guard their hearts at exactly the times they themselves don’t want to. Hopefully they’ll see that the most responsible actions and words are the most loving.