My Sunday Best


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This picture had to be taken this way, as my legs are currently propped up in what has been a weekend cycle of “stretch them!” “put them up!” “walk some more!” “elevate with a heating pad!” (Plus my sainted husband is scouring the bathroom and fully deserves to collapse in a chair instead of taking my picture.) Apparently the charley horse in the wee sma’s of Friday  was not properly flexed out, and my right calf has been SORE all weekend.

Though I normally don’t like to layer in the summer–especially now that I have to sport compression stockings–church was quite chilly with its A/C. The pink tank is Old Navy, I’m pretty sure; the white top might be H&M, can’t really remember; and the skirt is a consignment store find that I was able to get one last wear out of. The waist could sit above the bump!

Best Line: “What father among you would hand his son a snake when he asks for a fish?”

I like this line from Luke because to me, it’s a reminder that God doesn’t give us bad things after we’ve asked him for good ones. But it is also challenging in the sense that still, bad things do happen. As I understand it, it’s not so much God willfully ignoring prayers for say, health, and gleefully pressing a tragedy button instead. But more like because we live in a fallen world, bad things happen, and though it may be hard to understand, God uses those times to give us even greater goods.

Oh, and I wanted to make some special connection to this and NFP Awareness Week, as I usually like to acknowledge the time with some writing, but I’m at a loss. Here’s the mention: It’s NFP Awareness Week! Erm…it’s a fish, not a snake. 😛

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WIWS: Happy Memorial Day



Hi, there! A little late joining in on the fun…but Arrested Development did just become available on Netflix…  😛


Of course, it would figure that on the “unofficial start to summer” weekend, it would be a “feels-like” temp of 34 degrees. I decided to go patriotic in honor of today:

Dress: Something I’d mentioned before from a consignment shop. 🙂

Sweater, tank and leggings : somewhere. 🙂

WIWS: Special Guest Photo Bomb


Happy last week of Easter! This Sunday was a bittersweet one. More on that after the clothes.


Special Guest photo bomb!

On me:

– Purple twirly dress from The Limited (last Fall clearance).

– Navy cardigan from a former roommate’s closet, I think.

– Silver gladiator wedges by Naot. Sooo comfortable on the soles. Hilariously, I ended up tripping in them more than walking (poor footfalls) than Friday night when running for the train in straight heels.

On Special Guest:

– Green polo from wherever men buy such things. So, could be anywhere!

My roomies were very kind to let my best friend crash on our living room couch for a visit this past weekend. He is a gallant gentleman. Who lives so very far away. Prudence and patience are the virtues God wants me to work on…

WIWS: Conference edition

ImageHappy Bright Week to all the Eastern rite readers! This weekend I was at a writers’ conference in Springfield, MA. It was wonderful. I also got to experience a different Mass for the first time in a while. So my outfit was comfortable and functional, but still church appropriate.

ImageTurquoise top: Marshall’s.

Black cami: Forget. I had to throw it out anyway. The lace around the bustline was starting to separate scandalously. There was some yanking and pulling of a sweater…

Black pants: New York and Company. Affordable, serviceable, and still classy.

ImageAnd book earrings from Broadside Books in Northhampton. Designed by Cory Anne Sharer.

WIWS: Boylston Street is Back!


Happy Sunday! God willing, today is the last of the commemorative posts. After Mass, my friend and I walked up and down Boylston Street. I wanted to support the businesses that had been closed for so long, so here is what I wore, Boylston style:


Comfortable shoes to walk in. Alfani ballet flats, bought on sale at Macy’s last September.


New oven mitt. Crate and Barrel.


Ring pop, cherry flavored. From Sugar Heaven, next door to blast site 1.
Polka dot dress is from a thrift shop.


Old South Church sported these flowers.


And Copley Square wore these.



WIWS: Boston

This week I’m doing a bit of a different post. Instead of pictures of what I wore today, I’d like to share what Boston wore. My parish is just three blocks from the second blast. It was accessible since Thursday, and is the spiritual home of many runners not just the third Sunday of April, but all year. Its location means that the parishioners get to easily walk the streets, shop the stores, eat at the restaurants after Mass. No matter our personal experience or lack there of with the tragedy, our hearts are forever marked.

I post these pictures not to be creepy, exploitative or disrespectful, but to show my city on this beautiful Sunday morning. We hope that soon these spots too will be the beautiful streets we’ve known them to be, and that they too, will have the new life of spring.


Flowering tree in front of the old part of Boston Public Library, south side of Copley


South side of Copley Square. Tents and trash still there a week later.


The memorial at Berkeley and Boylston streets.


The Pearson building. Two years ago, I worked here on Marathon Monday, and the street in front of the building had all the runners’ bags. My former boss is still there, and it’s been an odd week for them, to say the least. This is about two blocks away from the finish line.


Sign on a restaurant at the southeast corner of Copley Square.


View from the Prudential Center mall. Mile 26. 1 block away from the second blast. The investigators are donning special yellow shoes.


New life.

 If anyone reading this blog knows anyone or could get word to St. Boniface in Wesley, NY, I’d love to extend my heartfelt thanks to the 8th grade Confirmation candidates who sent my parish handmade “Thinking of You” cards. Our pastor read one aloud, and it really touched us in the pews, and I’m sure the man in the back, who was wearing a runner’s jacket.