Modern Meditation Monday – The Way


From the 2011 movie The Way, starring Martin Sheen:



“You don’t choose a life, dad. You live one.”

These words from Daniel, the son whose tragic trip on El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James), a pilgrimage through Spain, inspire many paths for meditation.

  • Most often, it is the parent who gives wise counsel to his son or daughter. But in this film, some of Daniel’s last words to his father are profound pearls of wisdom that show how the child can speak to the parent. How often do we try to tell our Father what to do? Are our words really wise?
  • Many times we hear the words “Choose life” as a pro-life slogan. One reason that’s done is to use the words of the abortion-rights groups’ meme and subvert them to convey a more positive message. But if we consider Daniel’s words, we either live our lives, or we don’t. Outside the “life” connotations of the quote, it on its face may inspire many people on both sides of the debate. What attitudes and means of support can we pray for to help pregnant women fully live out their lives with the new life they’re carrying?

The movie is full of wonderful quotes to think about:

  • “Why does something that is supposed to be so inspirational make me so angry?”
  • “A pilgrim is pure and should suffer.”

Buen camino.