7 Quick Takes Friday – Swimsuit Edition!

With the recent spate of warm weather and summer rapidly approaching for the Southern girlfriends, it’s time to think about swimsuits. Just as we Catholic women are called to metaphorically clothe ourselves in strength and dignity, we should also try to have our clothes show the strength and dignity. Contrary to what the secular media and commercials tell us, there are swimsuits that reveal our God-given beauty. While there is no rule book for length or type of top, it’s safe to say skimpy and stringy are not the best options.


Option: The Swimdress

This girly water wear is perfect for all shapes and sizes. The options offered at Swimwear Place, Kohl’s, and Land’s End come in a variety of necklines and styles.


Option: Mix-n-Match Two_Pieces

These suits allow you the coverage where you’d like it, and are priced so that you can grab just the top or just the bottom to incorporate into your wardrobe. They are from Lime Ricki, LL Bean, and Rey Swimwear.


Option: Rash Guards and Board Shorts

Sport the sporty look with these pieces. Rash Guard tops come in many sleeve lengths, great ones have SPF IN the material, and still offer a modest look. Board shorts allow for moveability as you swim or surf, and come in different lengths, depending on how much leg you want to show.


Option: Full-Bodied and Faithful

These suits were designed with the woman of faith in mind. Many religions share the Catholic view of feminine beauty. Modest by the Sea designs for the Muslim women in mind. SeaSecret (viewable on Mikvah Minder) is a line of swimwear for Jewish women. And the LDS (Mormon) – approved Hydrochic suits not only offer coverage but also SPF in the material of the suit!


Option: Vintage Swimwear

Not your grandma’s suit by far, but they’ll definitely bring you back to grandma’s time in terms of cut and coverage. ModCloth, Shabby Apple, and Popina all offer retro-inspired looks great for all body types (talk about strength in #3 – you go girl!).


Option: Make Your Own!

Handy with a needle and thread? Consider making your own. Jalie, Kwik Sew, and Elizabeth Lee Designs all offer patterns for a variety of bathing suit styles.


Option: Class Up Your Own!

Have a new desire to go the extra modest mile, but low on funds? Here are simple ways to use other pieces of your wardrobe. For halter tops that now seem a little scandalous, don a sports bra first. If you’re only wading, throw a tennis skirt over your bikini bottoms. Some of your exercise wear, like cap sleeve tops and bike shorts, may still be comfortably worn in the water.