7QTF: Thoughts on Moving

7_quick_takes_sm1Wow…after moving, I got wiped last week, so wiped I didn’t have time to link-up with Jen and all the others. Bu I am back! And of course, this week’s post is all moving-related EXCEPT!


Cindy over at The Veil of Chastity, has so graciously offered to re-post my Not Alone Series thoughts on envy on Monday, August 12th.  AND!  I am going to be writing another guest post for her very very soon. I am very humbled by her hospitality. Please, everyone go check her out! Her blog is a beautiful witness of the gift of womanhood at any state of life, any vocation, and particularly excellent resource for today’s single gals.  We may not always have the same thoughts on our guesses at the answers to some of the mysteries of life,  but we are sisters in Christ who definitely agree on the virtue of chastity and glory of God!

Now, on to the Quick Takes! About ten days ago I left an apartment I’d been in for 5 years and moved into a 2-bedroom share with a total stranger off of Craigslist.  Now that I’m finally settled and sorted, here are some reflections:


It is highly inadvisable to move in with strangers off of Craigslist—unless the person is like Roomie, who didn’t think it weird at all that I put in the initial email that I worked for a Catholic company, went to church, and absolutely refused to be in a place where there’d be random men overnight or boyfriends getting put into the morning shower rotation. She is an HGTV fan with a sweet kitty and a responsible nature. Also, very low-key about things, and so far, drama free.


Half your credit card statement for those first few weeks will be to Target. No joke: 4 times in two weeks.


If you think you’ve moved to save money, think again. Cheaper rent, but much higher electric. Thanks, HGTV marathons and sloooooooooooow dryers.


Even if you hate one feature of the new place, you’ll find a bunch more to love: While I dislike how much less natural sunlight I get in the new place, I learned the hard way how much more comfortable it was to be sick! I got massively ill  Monday night, and all I could think on the couch Tuesday was how nice it was—cool enough to wear long pjs and a blanket, bigger bathroom with better water pressure, more convenient floorplan…


 If you’re not just moving homes within the same area, but entirely different towns/counties/distances to work, the fun of discovering new little shops, radio stations, and people will outweigh annoyances like not remembering which lane ends and which you need for the rotary, the 0-net-change in commuting time, and even the credit card statements.


In the hard moments, you’ll think: I never ever want to do this again. Unless of course it’s because I’m getting married.


But it is all worth it when everything is done.

Jules Complete Bedding Set

My bed has a pretty spread. 🙂



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