7QTF: Praise and Prayers

7_quick_takes_sm1Linking up with Jennifer and the rest!


Praise for: Alex at Ever Ancient. Her post on making out is excellent food for thought.

Kissing is one of those lines I think every young chaste person wonders about. There is no hard and fast rule because occasion of sin, sin of scandal, etc. can look different within each relationship, because they are dependent on the individuals involved. Now, I’ve read the forum postings; I’m aware there will be challenges in figuring out an intimate relationship if you’ve had no prior experience or different experiences. And I think that’s a big reason most chaste-striving couples might fall or rationalize or justify the line they want to toe: they’re afraid of how hard it will be to negotiate challenges in such a sensitive area once they’ve entered a commitment they can’t renege on. But that’s the way wrong attitude. If you and your future spouse develop a God’s grace-filled attitude toward intimacy, the challenges will hopefully be fun!


Praise for: Amanda at Worthy of Agape. Amanda is a great new talent in the world of spiritual writing—especially for young women. She and her fiancé are about to enter the holy sacrament of marriage! Congratulations and many blessings. May God’s grace ever fill your union.


Praise for: Marcus and Diane Guavera. This wonderful couple has started a new ministry for young adults—Thirsting for Truth. I got lost in their blog posts one afternoon. Many great things to say about chastity and living out the faith.


Prayer request: for the two young widows (Sept. and April) and new mamas whose husbands’ lives were taken from them. [ETA: And my cousin, who lost her husband to a heart attack. He was 56. They have four children.


Prayer request: for a friend’s young husband who has cancer.


Prayer request: For Meriam Ibrahim, who has been sentenced to death for professing Christianity. Her baby girl and toddler son are reportedly children of an American citizen, meaning they too, are American citizens. And these little ones are in a third world jail with their mom because the State Department slacked on her spousal visa. #BringBackOurKids.


Book: It’s May! That means it’s National Celiac Awareness Month! Part of Gloria Jean’s story is to reconcile the notion of the theology of the body—that she can learn about God from her body—when her body can’t even receive God (in the form of bread).

This week Lisa Hendey so awesomely is giving me a guest post over at CatholicMom.com. Go read up on the ways that moving forward we can support our brothers and sisters who have the disease, as well as a call to action for those writerly types who can provide fresh, current information, links, recipes, etc.


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