Modern Media Meditation Monday

I sometimes feel like an Augustine Jesuit. St. Augustine says singing music is like praying twice. St. Ignatius says to find God in all things. I find Him in popular or secular music. Yesterday, during laundry, I was struck by my 1000th listen to Mumford and Sons’ “I Will Wait:”

I was so moved by this listen because this time, I experienced the magical moment of the fourth stage. My meditation on the lyrics of a song moves through three phases:


Sweetheart Serenade: First, I imagine that a potential Proverbial Boyfriend is singing the song to me. Or requesting it at the dance hall and dedicating it to me. With “I Will Wait,” I envision it as being an awesome statement of his commitment to chastity with me.


Oh yeah, Love is Reciprocal: Sometimes I am graced with the ears to listen to the song and take away a new thought: I would sing these lyrics to potential Proverbial Boyfriend or writing the lyrics in a card or something. or even just praying them for him. With this song, I realized, I need to express this sentiment as a show of support. I will wait for him. Patience is a virtue I don’t have quite yet, and in a real-life situation, I literally am waiting and need to “keep my heart slow.”


God’s Love Song: Then I might be blessed with my ears opened by the Holy Spirit. The lyrics are love notes from God! This Mumford song isn’t quite obvious; perhaps the singer is Jesus. He is waiting for me, waiting for me to come to Him, to love Him, and he will be patient with me on my faith journey.

Oh yeah, Love is Reciprocal, Part 2: Finally, I might reach the point at which I want to belt out the song to God. I love Him and want to express the joy of my relationship with Him. And if I can do that, then I am content to have that be the only relationship in my life. Like I said, patience is a virtue I do not have yet. And sometimes it is hard for me to wait for God to surprise me. But yesterday, I found myself authentically singing that “I will wait for you,” God.

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