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Hello, ladies! Jen and Morgan weren’t the only ones who posted late. In my defense, I did just move, entertain my parents, and of all things, started driving again after a 6-year absence. Any recommendations for audio books? Boston radio is not so great…

Anyway! This week, we are discussing resources! In the tradition of the “Five Faves” link-up (and also because I have to clock in in 20 minutes) and “What We’re Reading Wednesday” posts, here are my 5 favorite resources for being a Catholic lady:


Auntie Seraphic @ Seraphic Singles: She’s a married woman who spent her 20s and 30s searching and eventually finding both serenity and a husband. I love her no-nonsense advice. i even wrote in to her under an alias, and she replied! Even though she didn’t post my question! I admit it was hard for me to accept that her recommendation was the correct thing to do, but it really, really was.


Her real name is Dorothy Cummings, and she wrote this book:

819612_4Clicking on the cover will take you to Liguori’s web site, where you can buy it. (Any chance you can, please buy direct from Catholic publishers.) If I could only recommend one book to single Catholic women, it is this one. Rather than imparting some catechesis, ToB, and “personal growth” style messages wrapped in frilly pink ribbon design elements and illustrated flowers (Seriously? I am not 12), Dorothy gives single women heartwarming and hilarious short essays about her experiences as a Catholic woman in the big city, each with a tasty morsel of truth or takeaway message. I felt most affirmed by this book, which really does help me to be seraphic about this whole single-life thing. Sometimes, anyway.  🙂


The Ortho Gals: We’re not alone! Auntie Seraphic introduced her readers to these young women of the Orthodox tradition, who write with wit, grace, and beauty, about their experiences in the current dating world. At times thought-provoking and others laugh-inducing (they are great Gchat conversationalists), their site delves into what it means to be a woman of faith seeking another soul to share one’s life with.



This book by Pat Gohn (who also does the Among Women podcast–I haven’t listened enough to heartily endorse it, especially for single women), is my absolute favorite of the “Catholic Lady Book” genre. Oh, there are other good ones, which I am sure most of you have blogged about, but this newest one stands out because of how affirming it is. I felt enriched after reading it. Rather than trying to encompass every type of Catholic woman’s experience of which I could only draw a little from, every type of Catholic woman can draw everything from this book. Pat writes in three main sections how we are each created by God as blessed, beautiful, and bodacious. I particularly like this resource because it isn’t solely about my state of life (single), what I’m doing wrong or could be doing wrong (men need this too, but they don’t buy books), or stuff I already know about ToB.


And finally, my favorite resource is: you! Friends in life, friends in the internet, friends in the family. I’m blessed to know some lovely, diverse people from all walks of life in different states of life (and different genders...), who each have a valuable perspective and authentic love for me (and of course I for them!). It’s like that U2 song lyric: “You don’t have to go it alone!” So, thank you ladies, for helping us not be alone. 🙂

3 thoughts on “NAS: Resources

  1. I wrote to Aunty Seraphic too, she didn’t post my question either but her advice was great and definitely on point. 3 and 4 are new to me so I’ll check those out. 5 I totally agree with, all of you in this series have been such a great resource. Thank you!!!

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