Modern Media Meditation Monday

I absolutely love Facebook squares and Pinterest pins. here’s one to mull over:

take a deep breath and trust in God.

Worry seems to be a natural part of being human. If something challenging were going on, one would think it almost wrong or weird if you had no worry about lab results, poor performance at work or school, or uncertainty about the future. It is not bad to have emotions, but it is bad to let them overtake you.

While it may be difficult to “forget” about something that is truly a concern, it is far easier to let that concern overtake everything else. I was recently anxious about a certain situation and was worried and praying a lot. Then I remembered that I had faced this situation before—albeit with different details. but the core issue was the same. And I also remembered that it ended well—God had provided for me. So this time, when the worry resurfaced, I did take a deep breath and said “I will trust in you, Lord.”

If we look at worry as a lack of trust in God, we will be able to prioritize our feelings anew: we will focus on striving to trust in God and not on our woes.





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